International internship scholarship is dedicated to university students worldwide. IIS serves for career goals, successful life goals and effective life management goals, therefore it is not suitable for students too busy with clubs and such activities.

Candidates can transfer to the Young Leadership Program scholarship (YLPs) or apply for other scholarships after completing the IIS scholarship.



The International Internship Scholarship program aims to help students become international multitasking citizens. Students learn how to improve themselves and get accustomed to the enterprise environment. The IIS program particularly focuses on learners' attitudes to select scholarship candidates.

The scholarship program worth $3200. It allows learners to participate in a 3-to-6 month international program of EAS Vietnam and includes:

  Attitude challenging stage.

  Capacity building stage.

 Certify training completion degree.



  The intern is trained and supported to adopt and innovate.

  The intern needs to work as a real employee.

  Choosing a place is to develop and experience, not to finish an internship.

  The intern needs help to develop their dreams and creations, evoke passion, and test their ability to work.



Stage 2

Contact and directly interview You will meet and discuss with EAS Vietnam experts before starting your journey to become a potential and professional intern.
This round will help you learn about yourself, discover your strengths and weaknesses to take remedial measures. Experts will also help you plan the future career and prerequisites for an International human resource (which is often overlooked by Employers and Vietnamese students, making it harder to integrate internationally).
Students from universities who are dispatched will be directly recruited.

vong phong van
internship internship

Stage 3: Attitude challenge


This is the first internal training round that EAS Vietnam has established to help you form international standard thinking, skills and professional attitudes.

At this stage, you are equipped with:

 Essential office information skills

 Professional listening and answering skills.

 Communication and situational handling skills.

 Rituals in professional work.

 Standards of international professional staff.

 Knowlegde of employment code.

 Attitude and professional ethics.

 Processes of using administrative documents to work effectively.

 Orientation and appropriate career strategy advice.

Stage 4: Building professional working capacity (professional internship)


You receive advanced internal training in attitude, discipline, professional skills, and professional working knowledge.

You are allowed to participate in training programs that equip you with the knowledge of governance: Thinking Strategy G23.0, Self Management G23.0, Life Management G23.0, Personal Branding G23.0. You can participate in projects and accompany us.

EAS creates governance environment that helps you adapt to the future working environment.


Granting internship certificates and certificates of internal training completion.


Receivers of internal training certificates of international units are welcomed by international businesses, which means you can work immidiately.

Candidates having completed those stages are awarded scholarships and internal internship certificates which allow you to work in any organizations or study abroad (EAS Vietnam will provide a letter of guarantee if candidates want to study abroad in Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other Asian countries). Candidates have the opportunity to study and work at EAS Vietnam, or be recommended to other organizations if meet the requirements.



BENEFITS Become international students and get the scholarship of "Study abroad in-country" program which worth $6500 in addition to standard courses of EAS Vietnam monopoly.

You will be participating in the "International Commando Division G23.0" program and have opportunities to work in international environment with competitive salary. You are accustomed to working in enterprises and get real competencies.

Become EAS Vietnam Ambassador. You are financed to deploy projects nationwide.

With our strengths, EAS Vietnam will sponsor eligible candidates to study abroad in Europe, Australia and the US.
Be funded for potential and feasible projects and lifelong consulting support.

Get an internship certificate after meeting requirements at EAS Vietnam. This certificate demonstrates the ability and practical experience to apply for jobs.

Get supports in making report as well as graduation thesis.



Stage 5: Opportunities to be awarded the Young Leadership Program scholarship - ASEAN (2020-2021)


If you have passed the above 4 stages, EAS Vietnam congratulates you on winning a full YLP scholarship of 01-year training program at EAS Vietnam. This program aims to find and train potential Students from ASEAN countries. Each scholarship worth $6500.

EAS Vietnam accompanies with you. We aim to help you change, adapt and successfully integrate into an International environment that corresponds with your expertise and interests.

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